Starting from the bottom.





I know you’re probably wondering, well why is this woman “wowing” so much. Lol. Well let me explain.

I just can’t believe I finally followed my heart and listened to the small voice that’s been speaking to me for some time now to start my own blog. The feelings that are growing in my heart due to this one step of breaking free are just unexplainable right now.

Even though i’m Blogging from my great, Cracked screen, IPhone 8plus cell phone right now, I couldn’t be any happier.

In time I will definitely get an updated high speed laptop but for now, I’m going to continue to work my way up. Starting this thing from the bottom. Crawling before I learn to walk, walking before I learn to run, running before I learn to jump and then jumping as high as I can to get a sense of flying because come on now, I can’t fly naturally but If you’re thinking like how I’m thinking.. I’ll be flying in no time.

Let me ask this question though, who asks for help anymore? Or is even comfortable asking for help?

I have an answer, I’m totally up for asking for help when in need. So if you’re a blogger and you somehow come across this article of mine, please send me some feed back on how to really start my blogging career please and thank you. It’ll greatly be appreciated! ❤️

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