Wipe the dust off of your buried dream(s) & bring them back to life.


“Back to life,

Back to reality!

*Beat drops*

Back.. Back

To lifeeee


Back to Reality!”

Hey guys,

Question: What’s one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing but you placed it to the side due to self doubt, not enough support, limits you placed on yourself, failing it once or any other negative feeling I didn’t mention that’ll drive you to not awaken a part of you the world NEEDS to see?

Was it your choice to not chase after that dream? Or Did someone discourage you enough to just place it to the side and not think to look back at it?

Please just think about those two questions. Do some reflecting for just a little bit.

Feel free to comment answers to these questions if you have any or if you’d like.


Wooot woooot!

My junior year of high school I decided I wanted to join the Navy. Some people supported me and most people doubted me. They said things like “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” “Just go to college, get your degree.” “Don’t sell your life away.” “Are you sure you’re up for what the military is going to do to you.” ALL TYPES OF CRAZINESS.

But do you think that stopped me?

Absolutely NOT!

My senior year finally approached and I accomplished everything I needed to in order to graduate. I received my high school diploma which was one of the best days of my life because I was just steps closer to leaving for Navy Basic Training.

Your girl was EXCITED!

ALL I kept saying was “Navy Girl”, “My life is all set.”, “Get you a girl like me.” “I’m out here doing my thing.” To even top it off, my best friends who are still my best friends until this day were even hyping me up. Rooting for me!

My number one supporters though were my parents! They supported me through it all, went all out for me by throwing me a going away dinner and by just teaching and preparing me for what was to come.

The day to ship out to Navy Basic Training finally arrived and I WAS EXCITED! I prepared myself physically for it (Lost weight and worked out everyday) I even ran around in trash bags so I could sweat more while working out. Lol (My parents until this day still joke on me about that, my pops to be exact) but I was ready, I was doing it. I WAS GOING AFTER MY DREAM TO BE IN THE MILITARY!


A month into basic training, I got injured and the navy sent me back home.

I remember the day the Dr. told me he was medically discharging me like it was yesterday. I called my mother in tears, crying and just so heartbroken because I felt like my dream was just gone. Vanished. But, Of course mama encouraged me and was just my strength that day. She made me feel A LOT better, told me to pray and keep having faith. But Honestly, Around that time, I wasn’t really with the Lord as much as I am now. (But That’s for another blog story)

This all happened in December of 2014 and I arrived back home January of 2015. I honestly didn’t know what to do next but I can tell you one thing I did. I buried my dream of being in the military and didn’t think twice to look back at it.

F A S T – F O R W A R D

I got a job at Walmart(which I couldn’t stand, but I had to do what I had to do..) in other words I settled for less. I enrolled in Branford hall career institution, where it took me a year to get a Medical assistant certificate instead of just going to college because I applied to ONE college and that college didn’t accept me. (So I settled for the certificate) Then I got into this relationship I thought would bring me happiness but in all reality it didn’t bring me anything I needed nor wanted. It did lead me somewhere though, but that’s also a story for another time.



That was when I wiped the dust off of my buried dream of enlisting into the military and I told myself no matter what a Dr. may have to say, nor how “qualified” he/she may think I am for this military, I am going to get back in and I am going to succeed! The process of getting back into the military though? Was… SO! ANNOYING! My God! BUT, I was patient and I trusted and believed so much in the Lord that he came through for me!

I am currently a PFC (Private first class) in the ARMY and I couldn’t be any happier. God gets all the glory, honor and praise!

So with saying all of this,

I want to encourage you to go get a shovel and dig your dream up!

“Your dream matters.”

Don’t allow people to talk you out of it, don’t allow people to try to downplay your dream, just don’t allow people to have a say.

You are capable and you are more than qualified for it.

“Don’t be the one to regret living with just the thought of doing something when you could’ve made it your reality” – Terran

If God can do it for me, he can and will do it for


Loveeeeeee T. 💛

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