Hey guys..

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything due to life taking different turns BUT I am back, praise God.

My title for today was going to be Go through to Get through, but once I finished writing the title became Embrace your passions then it just became Embrace.

In life I’m learning we are just going to go through things. Life isn’t always going to be perfect, and filled with happiness. There are just going to be some days, times, seasons, months, maybe even years where you just feel like you’re not where you want/need to be in life, seasons where you’re just unhappy, seasons where you’re hurting, seasons where you just don’t feel like yourself, seasons where you have to make a change, seasons where you have to separate yourself from people you thought you would never depart from, seasons where you have to accept death of loved ones, seasons where you get fired from your job, seasons where you fail a test, seasons where you’re broke and have to borrow from others, etc. Bottom line is, we are going to go through in life.

My question to you guys today is, how do you handle yourself and your situation when you’re going through?

I can sit here and talk about myself ALL day trust me lol, but I really want you guys to engage in this because I truly feel like a lot of us allow our circumstances to get the best of us when we shouldn’t. I am saying “WE” because I definitely do this myself.

Let me give an example.

I love writing, I love singing and I love reading. Those are just 3 of my passions. They bring peace to my heart, mind, body and soul. BUT for the past month, I haven’t been myself. I haven’t written anything (until today), I stopped reading my book that I was reading, and I just didn’t feel like singing. Now you’re probably asking yourself, well what happened what changed..

LIFE hit me. HARD! Well at least that’s what It felt like.

I’m in the military and away from ALL of my loved ones and the distance still bothers me. I’m just being honest here. Being away from family for such a very long time hurts me. Being away from my boyfriend and not being able to see him when I want just annoys me. Being away from my bestfriends/ friends and not being able to be there for them and support them physically makes me upset, so you can only imagine how I was feeling the last month. There was anger, sadness, and hurt. Then, on August 4, 2018 I received a very heartbreaking phone call from my sister saying that our uncle shy died in a motorcycle accident. That right there did it for me. The death of my uncle truly hit home. #RestInHeavenUncShy

Honestly, when I was going through those emotions of just missing my family and wanting to basically be around my loved ones.. I leaned away from writing, reading and singing. I allowed my circumstances, my feelings, my emotions to get the best of me. I was still praying to God Ofcourse, but I stopped engaging in the activities God placed in me and around me that brought me peace. DO NOT BE LIKE ME.. lol seriously though.

“Do not allow your circumstances to control you.”

Then when my uncle passed away, I don’t know. It was like him dying woke me up. It truly motivated me to get back to being myself. Get back in touch with my writing, with my reading, and with singing. My grandmother said something so valuable to me. Uncle shy was her son and I was just asking grandma how she was feeling about his death and just showing my love to her and she told me that she was ultimately at peace with it because he passed away doing what he loved. He left the world doing what he loved the most which was riding his motorcycle. Her saying that really had me thinking like.. not about myself dying doing what I love or anything of that sort but just had me pondering on how I really was allowing my feelings and emotions to get the best of me and how I allowed my feelings to keep me from engaging in the things that I love. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I don’t know what my uncle was going through prior to his death. His death was very unexpected and honestly out of the blue BUT I know for a fact he’s with the Lord in heaven, smiling down on us (his family & friends). I also know prior to his death that his life wasn’t perfect BUT he never stopped doing what he loved because of that and that’s where I’m going with this.

“Do not terminate the things you love due to temporary feelings/emotions.” Terran Robinson

“While you are going through, still continue to do the things that make you.” Terran Robinson

I truly believe that’s the only way we will get through our problems, is if we continue to do the little things that keep our minds at ease, and our hearts from racing.

“Continue to embrace your passions even when you just don’t feel like it.” Terran Robinson

Changing our focus and mindset also helps as well. There’s this scripture that I love so much. It says

“Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.” (Proverbs‬ ‭4‬:‭23‬ ERV) 💛

That scripture is just the truth and is just valid advice for us. If you haven’t read the book of proverbs in the Bible I advise you to. That book is full of so much wisdom and instruction, it’s one of my favorites.

But do not allow negative thoughts to even form in your mind because they’ll soon control you and what you do. Do not allow your feelings and emotions to become so overwhelming that you shut out the things that were bringing you peace. Your circumstances do not make you nor should they control you! I believe that better days are coming.

While you’re going through, just see yourself already getting through that situation. Think positive & be Positive and most importantly control your thoughts, don’t allow them to control you!

“Continue to Embrace because There’s beauty in everything that you do, go through and in everything that happens to you.” Terran Robinson

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment, like, and share. Praying you all have a blessed day!

Loveeee T. 💛

2 responses to “Embrace💛”

  1. I admire your indomitable strength! It is not that easy to be away from your loved ones. I admire your passions as well. I am sure you have a lovely voice when singing. And wow! You are in the military! Superb! You are marvellous and amazing! 😊

    How do I handle myself and my situation? Normally I just need time on my own. I pray to God and to my Angels. Through solitude I can dig deeper to my mind, my heart and my soul. I write what I feel, I write everything. I also try to face all my demons on my own. I cry on my own when I am in pain.

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    1. Wow. First, thank you so much for your kind words! Means a lot to me and shows me how wonderful you are as well.

      Thank you for engaging and answering the question as well! I’m glad you were able and comfortable to share some of your solutions. You are just as awesome and powerful. May God continue to let the light in you shine! 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

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