Holiness over Popularity!

The other day I uploaded a status to my Facebook page that said “I prefer true & pure holiness over popularity! ❤️ #JesusLover #HesTheLoverOfMySoul” and today I will be elaborating on walking righteously before God vs. walking without his anointing — without his stamp — without his calling — without his grace — without his mercy — without HIM.

Most people tend to get tingled up in the opinions and thoughts of others that it then leads them into forgetting that the author of their lives is Jesus Christ. He’s the one who creates, molds, shapes, approves, stamps, and validates anyone.

Man can’t send you to heaven nor hell, so why place your destiny, faith, motives, drive, feelings, emotions, life decisions in mans hands? ——– Just something to think about.

Let go of your yearn for popularity (to be the baddest, cutest, most liked, noticeable, well-known for what you do, richest, smartest man/woman) and pick up holiness. It’s the only way to be!

“For it is written: Be Holy for I am Holy.” 1 Peter 1:16 NIV

img_0419I’m not saying that you can’t be holy and popular because you can. However, I’ve seen a lot of people who portray to be ALL for God due to the likes, love and attention they receive from the world and then their lives not align with the Word of God.

Its kind of like — People idol the blessing, praise the outcome and forget about the one who orchestrated it all. That is just not the way to be. That’s the wrong answer!

When you’re truly for God it shows! The way God promotes his children is completely different from the way the enemy does it.

God is thoughtful, creative, different, original, colorful, and lively while the enemy is literally dead, dry, corny, wack, and basic! Yes I said it — BASIC!

You want basic or do you want extraordinary?

download (2)

When I gave my life to the Lord, the spirit of God told me and showed me the people I was going to lose and he showed me the people who weren’t going to accept my new walk of faith with God. I lost a lot of friends on social medias. I stopped receiving attention from people– I was single around that and I even stopped receiving attention from men. I lost people I thought I was going to be friends with for an eternity, but that didn’t stop me from being with God.

Losing my place (popularity) in this world didn’t stop me from seeking God because I knew it was for the greater good.

Being popular is cool and all, but what are you truly popular for? What are you well-known for? Are you well known because you’re soaked and basked in God and his truths? His righteous ways? His Loving ways? Or are you known for other things that are out of the will of God? Things that are not like God?

What are you known for?

download (2)

If you’re known for anything out of the will of God, then you my friend need to change your life partner. Choose holiness over popularity! You’re blocking the blessings that God is desiring to give to you! The addition he’s trying to add-on and into your life. You’re blocking it!

One decision.

One choice.

Dance with the Lord and kick the enemy to the curb.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I pray that it reaches whomever it needs to reach.

Terran Zhane Brodie.♥

One response to “Holiness over Popularity!”


    Hey what you should about Holiness over popularity has really blessed me and opened up my eyes too many things and I hope you don’t mind me using you’re sitting continue letting the Lord use you to encourage others as well as myself thank you so much Be Blessed in Jesus name!!!


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