Self Love♥


What a topic to write about.

What a topic to wite about.

One thing I learned is that you can’t love someone else until you’ve fully grasped how to love yourself and you can’t fully love yourself until you’ve grown to know who you are.

I have just a few questions and I truly encourage you to engage, comment, think out loud and even share some of these questions with someone.


What does self love mean to you? Do you love yourself? Do you know your worth? If so, what is it? Have you ever settled for less. Why or why not? Are you happy with yourself? and What are 3 awesome facts about you?



The definition of Self is – a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others. 

In other words, that’s YOU and everything that makes you who you are. Your uniqueness, your differentials, your flaws, your passions, your desires, your dreams, your core values, your thoughts, your morals, all of YOU.



The definition of Love is – an intense feeling of deep affection. Some synonyms for love are loyalty, faithfulnessfidelityconstancycommitmentadherenceallegiance, dedication, fondness, care, and affection. 

Now, when I put those two definitions together I find that Self Love is simply being fond of myself and of everything that comes with me.

I have tried plenty of times, to love others before loving myself and it never turned out the way I envisioned.

“I always ended up hurt….”


“Hurt” was always the feeling I leaned on because I knew that feeling oh so well due to myself hurting me! NOT others hurting me. You’re probably like where is this woman going with this, but please trust me. Please just keep reading.

Why on earth would I admit that I was hurting myself?

Because it’s true. I was seeking something from others that I couldn’t even give myself. I was seeking love from my past relationships, but didn’t love myself. I didn’t like anything about me. How could someone like anything about me if i was always downing myself? Lacking confidence? Lacking love for myself? How? I would try to imitate and mirror other peoples lives instead of just accepting myself for who I was and with all of that, I would take it upon myself to get into toxic relationships which dug the hole even deeper. Honestly, all my past relationships were built off of sex and I learned that sex is NOT love. All sex did was add onto the baggage I was already carrying within myself. (That’s a story for another time though)

I wasn’t only hurting myself though, I was also hurting the other person as well but that’s also another story for another time.

The relationships weren’t the problem, They just added onto the problem.

No, I’m not saying that the situations that I was placed in, in my past relationships were in the right because they weren’t. I’m just simply saying that if I would’ve took the time to get to know me and love me I would’ve probably dodged half of the nonsense I went through. But, I am thankful for my past though because if it wasn’t for my past lessons, I wouldn’t have anything to write about today. So I am grateful.

Be patient. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.


“Be love before you seek love.” – Terran Robinson

I am a firm believer that people treat you how you treat yourself and that you are what you attract. You desire people to treat you with love, dignity, and respect? You must show them how to treat you with love, dignity and respect. (I understand that it’s just in some people’s blood to be disrespectful and rude, but with those type of people I say just pray for them and move around.) That’s still showing an act of love and also showing that you love yourself. 🙂 DO NOT settle for anything less than you deserve.

“Before you try to seek anything, prepare for it.”- Terran Robinson

I’ve learned that preparation is a major step in any process that we’ll go through in life. But that’s also another story for another time. But just think about it, you have to prepare your meat before you cook it. Same with yourself. Prepare yourself for love before you hop into it. Season yourself with all of your love for yourself before you allow anyone else to try to love you.

How did I start loving myself?

I started loving myself when I found Christ. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Lord I honestly do not know where nor who I would be today. I even found myself, when I found Christ. I found out that God is love and that’s when I began to find myself, know myself, and most importantly love myself. I started to accept my flaws. My confidence level grew tremendously and I started to attract people who were like minded. I seasoned myself with the Lord’s love which grew my love for myself before allowing anyone else to love me. THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!! If you don’t know Jesus, please get to know him!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 (NIV)

That is the GOD I serve! That is the GOD I serve! ♥

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8(NIV)

I encourage everyone to love themselves whole before trying to love anyone else. I also encourage anyone who doesn’t know Jesus to get to know him. He’s a healer, way-maker, provider, friend, brother, savior, protector, teacher, promise keeper and most importantly, he’s LOVE. There’s absolutely no one like him.

ps. I’m on the praise and worship team at church and we sung way-maker today so those lyrics are literally stuck in my head lol.

So, please if you don’t already know yourself, get to know yourself. Invest into yourself, discover your likes and dislikes, your values, your morals, what makes you who you are, and build your confidence in you so no one can tell you how to be you. If anyone tries to tell you that you’re selfish for focusing on yoursef, RUN FAR AWAY from them. YOU matter, and you deserve all the time you can get to focus on loving yourself.




Some pointers on how to love yourself.

  • Accept yourself
  • Realize that you are enough and that you matter
  • Stop comparing and judging yourself
  • Appreciate yourself and everything that comes with you.
  • Respect yourself
  • Trust yourself
  • Have your alone time. Do the things you love.
  • Set goals, and conquer them.
  • Meet your own needs
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself. Do not be to hard on yourself to the point where you become your worst enemy.
  • Build your confidence
  • Be fearless (do not fear the unknown)



I pray this blog serves it’s purpose to encourage those who may need it and to just prove the love of God and the power of God’s love to those who can’t seem to believe it.

Please feel free to like, comment, and share.

Thank you so much for reading.

Loveeee T♥

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