Do you know God for yourself?

As I was laying in my bed and reading my Devotional to get my day started I began to ponder on how I was raised + how I am now. 

I’ve heard many stories from people who attend church or have been in ministry heavy for years. Their stories have always aligned with the same plot- “I was in church all my life.” “I grew up cleaning the bathrooms and the sanctuary.” “I grew up singing on the praise and worship team, preaching and being a youth deacon.“ I attended majority of the children’s Sunday school classes.” “I was on the usher board.” “My mother would wake me up in the middle of the night praying and speaking tongues covering all of her kids in the blood of Jesus.” “I’ve been praising God since a babe.” “I was in the children’s choir.” “I know church..”  Etc…….

I wasn’t brought up that way! That’s definitely not my story. 

  1. I couldn’t stand children’s Sunday school 
  2. Serving in the church wasn’t something I was told I had to do. 
  3. I despised participating in anything that had to do with church and my mother didn’t force me to engage. She did force me to be in the sanctuary, but she didn’t force me to engage. 
  4. I sat in the back of the church 
  5. I wasn’t interested in learning nor being all about Jesus. 
  6. While the majority of the kids would praise God, I would be the one sitting there looking at them like they were crazy.
  7. I couldn’t stand wearing stockings, dresses, skirts and etc. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t wear what I desired or why everyone would come dressed to impress. 
  8. My mother didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night pleading the blood of Jesus or anything of that sort.

One thing I can say I had in common with them was —— I knew how to church, but I didn’t know God. I didn’t know my Lord and Savior and I didn’t care to know Him. I didn’t even care to know “how to church.” I just didn’t care for any of it honestly. 

People perceived me to be this woman who was raised in the church doing all of the above because of how serious I am about my Father God’s business, but I wasn’t. Haha. 

I realized this morning that there were still A LOT of people on earth operating from a place of not knowing God, but knowing how to church.  Carrying the Christian label along side their name all while rejecting the Christ in Christian.

  • They’ve mastered serving in the church, but they don’t know how to serve God through their actions. 
  • They know how to speak in tongues, but don’t know how to submit to the Holy Spirit when He’s convicting their spirit. 
  • They know how to praise God, but don’t acknowledge, honor, nor value the God that they’re praising.. Praising God for show.. By all means, do what you have to do — I just prefer authenticity. My God is worth the real thing!! A man wouldn’t propose to his future wife with a plastic ring out of a cereal box. He would make sure there’s value in what he’s presenting to his Queen right? So, why present God with fake- attention seeking praises? Eh. I’ve never been a fan. The word of God says, “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.” 
  • They are so quick to judge, but are unable to genuinely love. 
  • They lean to tradition and religion while leaving the Father out of the equation. 💔


It’s time for many to stop playing church – stop going with the flow of things, and attach themselves to God! Time for them to be truthful with themselves all while shaming the devil because he is busy.  Time for many to get to know the Father for themselves and build a solid authentic relationship with Him because it’s what He desires and what they need.

Do you know God for yourself or are you just going with the flow of churching?

I leave you with that question to ponder on an answer on your own time. Thank you all so much for reading!

Terran Zhane

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