Your time is coming!

Hello my beautiful supporters, and readers

This blog is going to be very short, but precise. While I was meditating, listening to my worship instrumentals, and praying I seen the words “Your time is coming, but it is just not now.” I don’t know if or how that applies to any of the readers who will read this blog post, but I just want to encourage those who are being surrounded by many who are being blessed, accomplishing goals, doing BIG things, and just in their winning seasons. I want to encourage the ones who have been sowing and haven’t entered their harvest season yet. Please keep your faith. Be still and know that God is who he says he is. That is a word for me as well.


Keep sowing!

Your time is coming 3.jpg

Even if you are in a season where all you must sow is tears, sow! If all you must sow is your worship, then worship! If all you must sow is your praise, then praise! If all you must sow is your time, give your time! If all you must sow is smiling through the frustration or pain, then smile! Do not stop sowing. Do not stop praying. Your time is coming. Remain in prayer and remember the God that you serve. The word says that it is better to give than to receive, so if you can give anything: tangible or not tangible GIVE! Keep serving. Remain committed to your process. Do not rush to be in a season you are not ready for. Find the joy in the season you are in now and ask the Holy spirit to prepare you for what is to come. Do not be discouraged nor dismayed because the Lord God is with you, he hears you, and he sees you. Do not lose sight of the dreams/visions/prophetic words the Lord gave you. Just because you can’t see how they will come into fruition right now does not mean that they will never come to past. Focus and commit to the season you are in now, so you can receive all that the Lord needs for you to in this season.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV

You are up next!!!

If you have been praying for a sign, there it is!

Believe it!!!

Keep Holding On!

Thank you all for reading.

I pray this blog post reaches whomever it needs to reach.

Terran Zhane Brodie♥

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