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I pray you all are doing well. I know it has been a little while since I have blessed you guys with a blog post, but no worries now because I am back; however, It would be super beneficial for me and hopefully for you guys if some of you (if you feel led) could drop a comment, email me, text me, message me, call me, whatever you prefer to do basically just with some inspiration. Let me know what you want to read. What you would like for me to write about, and I will do my best with the Lord’s help and guidance of course to use my gift of writing to inspire, empower, and uplift.

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I am trying so hard to become consistent with writing blogs on my blog page, but life always happens, and I honestly be having a lot going on sometimes, so I check in, and write when I can. So, please forgive me for my inconsistency. But now to the topic of the day.

First I want to shout out my sister in Christ Angel Jefferson who inspired, and pushed me to write about purity in God. I have been struggling trying to think of something to write about next, and boom she hit me up and suggested I write about this, so thank you sister. When you guys get a chance go to her website, and check her out. She is a powerful woman of God, and is impacting this younger generation like never before. She is also an Author of two books—- and you can purchase one of them right now if you would just go to www.iamangelj.com ♥  —- Today (November 14th) also happens to be her birthday! So if you are not led to show love to her because of anything else; let her birthday be a reason for it.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts, feelings, and some experiences with my walk in purity with God. This blog post will be focused on waiting to have sex until marriage though. I had to clear that up because there are several other ways that the Lord desires us to be pure while walking righteously before him, but waiting to share our selves in an intimate way I feel is very important. I also believe it is something that most men, and women desire to fulfill, but get discouraged due to the simple fact of having to wait–being patient, or because they feel like it is pointless to try to uphold the righteous standard due to them already having sex before marriage. I am here to tell you that is a whole lie from the enemy himself, and I pray the Lord opens your hearts today to receive what he’s given me.


Okay, so I am going to be very transparent as always. I lost my virginity at the age of 14. My mother nearly wanted to kill me and the young man who I lost my virginity to, but yes. I did not wait until marriage to open my legs. You are probably wondering well then why is this lady tying to tell us about something she could not even do herself. There were many underlying reasons why I made the horrible decision of opening my legs at the age of 14, but that is a story for another time. Did the Lord convict me? Yes he did! Did I repent? Yes. But the true question is was I repenting to change, or repenting because I felt like I committed a crime. Around that time, I was repenting simply because growing up I was told that I needed to wait until marriage. I repented for 6 years straight, but did not commit to allowing God to change my ways. The word of God says that we must not fornicate before marriage, however around those times my spirit was willing, but my flesh was weak.

How many of you have been there before?

Commit to allowing God to change your ways, so your repentance is not in vain. – Terran Brodie

It was not until I was 20 years old that I decided I wanted to finally say yes to God, and to the way he desired for me to live my life. I not only said yes to God, but I said yes to change. I said yes to newness. I said yes to purity. I said yes to healing. I said yes to stillness. I said yes to cleansing. I said yes to brokenness. I said yes to being patient. I said yes to waiting. I said yes to commitment. I said yes to faithfulness and I said yes to self discipline, and self-control. At that point it was not about what my mother told me growing up, but it was about my Abba father in heaven who I love so dearly. I did not want to hurt God anymore.

Imagine a couple who are so in love with each other, and one cheats on the other. Just imagine how the spouse who got cheated on feels. Imagine the pain, the hurt, and frustration that person is enduring. Now look at yourself. Think about your relationship with God, and how much he loves you. He said you are the apple of his eye. He has your name written on the palm of his hand. He knew you before you were even formed in your mothers womb. The act of fornicating before marriage is a sin, and we all know that sin is what disconnects us from the Father. So, I could only imagine how much hurt and pain I put God through when he was just there watching me have sex with men after he told me not to. There I was supposed to be committed to him, in relationship with him, but cheating on him with men who did not even care about me as much as he cares, and loves me. For what? to fill a void that only God could fill. God is a God of purpose.

There is no purpose in premature sex. – Terran Brodie

I made a vow to God at the age of 20 that I would not fornicate any longer until he blessed me with my husband. The Lord led me to purchase a celibacy ring, and instructed me to wear it on my left ring finger, because I was married to the Lord, and of course when you are trying to be pure, and you are trying to do the right thing the enemy comes in with all of his little tricks, but God ALWAYS WINS. Long story short, I got into a Godly relationship in 2017. I was 22 years old, and told my boyfriend at that time that I was celibate, and not fornicating until I was married. He respected the God in me, and now I am married to him. Even though we both were not virgins when we met each other; God still had mercy for us. The beauty about it is that we both were celibate when we met, and remained celibate until the day we got married.

God will send you someone on the same path, or someone who will respect and admire the God in you to the point where they are led to open their hearts to God in that area of their lives – Terran Brodie

Benefits of Waiting–Purity in God

  1. No conviction. How many of you have messed up, and just threw yourself at God, weeping with a snotty nose because you felt so nasty for messing up?
  2. Respect is given, and received.
  3. No soul ties are formed.
  4. You do not have to worry about heightened feelings, and emotions coming out of no where.
  5. Lust has no room to form.
  6. For the single and celibate: you are able to focus on yourself. AND it also blots out the men/women who do not believe in waiting before marriage. Meaning you will know the other persons intentions way before it is too late. — trick of the enemy
  7. It is a covering. — My God! Years ago I would not have understood this, but Lord have merccccyyyy; waiting to have sex is truly a covering from the Lord. That instruction from God is just so sweet. He wants everyone to wait because when you are married you are expected to have of course gotten to know your spouse, but just being in a relationship with someone is just not enough to give them all of you. You are either married or single.. Boyfriend and girlfriend = single. Husband and wife= married. Some take the sex and just leave, and then some take it, physically stay in the relationship, but emotionally leave. You want to make sure the person you are dealing with is fully invested into you, and everything about you. Not just about what you can provide for them sexually.  Most importantly that is what God wants for you. He wants to bless you with someone who will wait with you, and walk in his purity and righteousness with you.
  8. It brings out the persons true intentions.
  9. You don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant with someone you really do not know is going to be in your future.
  10. You do not feel robbed, or used if a relationship does not work out.
  11. You do not feel ran through, but you feel preserved/conserved.
  12. Puts some value on your name.
  13. Brings difference to your name.
  14. It is rewarding: Sex with YOUR spouse who you waited to become intimate with is rewarding because you simply waited to give yourselves to each other. All the love and feelings hit you at one time, and it is just such a beautiful moment worth experiencing, and waiting for. Both antsy for the wedding night to come just so you can make passionate love to each other. It  is just an unexplainable feeling, that is worth waiting for. You just cannot experience that with just any one.


In closing, If you are like me, and have already had sex before marriage; do not beat yourself up. It is alright, the Lord forgives you, so forgive yourself. In the book of Matthew it says, “And so i tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven.” Matthew 12:31 NIV and what that is saying to me is that if the holy spirit convicts, we need to acknowledge, repent, and commit to change because if we do not; God will not forgive us until we do. We all fall short of the glory God, we just are not supposed to rest there. Start your waiting journey now.

If you continue to rest in the satisfactory of being out-of-order, and disconnected from God you won’t ever grow to know God the way he desires you to. – Terran Brodie


If you are a virgin….. TO GOD BE THE GLORAY! Hold onto your precious gift, and wait until the Lord sends you your spouse. The wait is not easy, but it is necessary! Just because everyone around is fornicating, and out of Gods will do not mean that they are worth following. Stay true to Gods word, and stay true to yourself!

If you are currently in a relationship and you and your partner are not really on the marriage level yet, and you guys are having trouble remaining pure, all I can say is stay strong. (lol) Bask yourselves in Gods presence, stay out of confined places, and be careful with the amount of kissing, and touching you do. Learn yourselves, so the enemy does not use you to tempt your own self. Yes you read that right, the enemy sure will use YOU to tempt YOU. — I have been there. Self control and Self discipline are huge in this area.

For my fiancé and  fiancée’s, AHT AHT YOU ARE NOT MARRIED YET, SO DO NOT GIVE IN! Whew.  I was here, and this stage was so hard to get through, but so necessary. You guys are probably thinking we are about to get married anyway, lets just have sex now. NOPE! Do not do it. It will still be a sin, you will still be convicted, and the cycle will repeat itself. You will rob yourself from the rewarding feeling you will receive the day of marriage. Just keep on waiting.


Your gifts are worth the wait, and You are worth the wait.

I truly do advise any one who is trying to remain pure to buy a purity ring– a ring that you buy yourself, and dedicate it to God. Wear it, flaunt it, and walk righteously before our God. Men can get one too. I do not know if my husband wants me telling his business like this, but he had a purity ring too. (YUP shocked me too around that time) Get serious about God, and go purchase a purity ring, and watch God move in your lives. I know for me, when ever I felt like I wanted to slip and have sex I would look at my purity ring, think about the love I had for God, think about the pain I imagined him feeling, and that thought would vanish. So I promote purity rings. Yes you will get questions—like are you married; simply say NO, but I am married to Jesus. Some will laugh, and some will respect it. Be bold with it♥


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me. But thank you all so much for reading. Love you♥

Terran Zhane Brodie

3 responses to “Purity in God”

  1. Such a beautiful blog!! Thanks for being so transparent that’s what’s makes this presentation so powerful!! May God continue to use you to open the eyes and the heart of those who will hear

    Thanks for sharing your heart I was blessed!

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    1. Amen! Thank you so much for your support and kind words. 🙏🏽❤️


  2. […] My love for Christ grew stronger and my desire to sin decreased. The more I indulged in the word of God and focused on building my relationship with Him – the easier it became to wait on the Lord to send me my husband. Please click the link to be directed to a blog post that I wrote a few years ago speaking on purity. https://pureone.blog/2019/11/15/purity-in-god/ […]


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